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Over the years UK Powder Coating Services have worked with a range of different industries with a range of different specifications spanning from agriculture to aerospace and medical to refrigeration to name but a few. Here we will explore those industries in a little more depth, and our relationships with them regarding the powder coating services we offer from our base in Haverhill, Suffolk.


The agricultural industry encompasses many different environments, practices, and pieces of farming machinery. UK Powder Coating have extensive experience and expertise in coating this machinery in order to create a lasting, durable finish.


The architectural industry is essential to almost every aspect of our lives. We have experience working within this industry and delivering the required results, with the same great quality our clients are used to.


The aviation industry is comprised of many cogs, making sure that your departure, journey, and arrival go as smooth as possible. You can be sure our powder coating service has played its part. 

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has a long and proud history in the UK, and powder coating has played the part of ensuring an extra level of durability and resistance in extreme weather conditions. 



This is one of the most popular industries for the application of powder coating. Due to the nature of the job, it does well to have your tools powder coated with a tough monolithic armour powder coated items are extremely resistant to abrasion, heat, liquid penetration, corrosion, UV rays and even tough chemicals.



Powder coating offers significant advantages in the telecommunications industry. Its durable finish provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring prolonged equipment life.

Chemical Industry

Clients in the chemical industry come to us to work on various projects. One of them is for chemical storage systems. Powder coating is able to create a kind of ‘skin’ over objects and create a stable barrier between many chemicals and the storage system containing it.



The flawless finish and famed durability mean that powder coating is a stable used by the domestic appliance industry. With powder coating we can produce the results that wet paint simply cannot achieve.


UK Powder Coating Services have been utilised within the retail industry, namely for point of sale displays which benefit from our array of vibrant, durable colours. With our process ensuring a lasting coverage, we are the sensible choice for those that want to save in the long run.

Refrigeration Industry

For a smooth, professional look, the refrigeration industry often looks to powder coating in order to provide their products with the appropriate level of finish.


Staging equipment needs to be used time and time again, and in certain circumstances needs to be moved from one location to another. With a powder coated finish you are ensuring a lasting, protective layer that will continue to look professional for some time.


Medical Industry

With a smooth finish powder coated medical equipment is easily cleaned, and durable against often harsh chemicals used in the sterilisation process.



And to top it all off, powder coating is recognised as the more environmentally friendly option, with it using less harmful chemicals and producing less waste on account that it can be reprocessed. Our Gema chamber is a self-contained automated system that ensures nothing is over or underused.


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