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Refrigeration Powder Coating

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The refrigeration industry has long looked to powder coating to help produce sleek and effortless finishes on their products that have also taken advantage of the durable, scratch resistant nature of the cured layer that powder coating produces.

At UK Powder Coating Services we utilise the Gema powder coating line in order to ensure quality and time efficiency (whilst creating a more sustainable powder coating process by recycling unused powder and reducing harmful gasses). This is just one of the many reasons we come trusted and quality assured.

Refrigeration powder coating is no less and no more complicated than the work we conduct for various sectors across the United Kingdom. All work is undertaken with the same level of enthusiasm. 

UK Powder Coating Services

Get in touch with a member of our powder coating team to discuss refrigeration powder coating in the UK and its benefits. Call 01440 706218 or email now.

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