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About Us 

Our powder coating services are available to manufacturers across the UK and our Suffolk based workshop has over 30 years of experience.


Our fully automated Gema paint line emulates a continuous production environment, with its monorail system featuring pre-treatment, drying oven, powder booth and curing oven. This technology is beneficial to the manufacturing process as it significantly reduced operator intervention and turn around times, so projects can meet their deadlines on time.



In November 2018, we began completely converting our warehouse to allow for the installation of our state of the art paint line, you can see some of the transformation progress in our pictures below. 

powder coating colours

The converyerised oven design incorporates two ‘negative air’ type seals that work both at entry and exit to minimise heat loss through the openings and minimises the risk of powder blow off. Combining speed and efficiency the system travels at around 1000mm a minute, for increased output and allowing us to deal with batch items. The Gema system can take products up to 3000x1500x600mm in size and depending on the detail of the part, automation can be used to help make UK Powder Coating Services competitive on high volumes of paint and different batch sizes.


Our online Gema powder coating system is complete with their state of the art powder recycling centre, reducing the amount of waste powder and enabling us to keep our costs down.

When compared with other powder coating methods, the Gema Technology enables UK Powder Coating Services to have:


● Increased Powder Coating Facility


● Improved Product Quality With Greater Flexibility With Colours Available


● Reduced Turn Around Time For Powder Coated Work


● Environmentally Friendly Cleaning / Phosphate Chemicals


● Increased Corrosion Resistance Using Pure Demineralised Water From A Reverse Osmosis System. 


For more information about our powder coating paint line or to enquire please call our team today.

coloured strips of powder coated metal
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