Gema Powder Coating

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For Gema powder coating in the UK look no further than the quality assured UK Powder Coating Services.  This fully automated line allows us to create continuous powder coating production, meaning projects are well equipped to meet their deadlines on time. The system is complete with a recycling centre, assuring we can manage our environmental impact and keep costs low.

Compared to other powder coating facilities, benefits of the Gema line include improved product quality, increased corrosion resistance, and reduced turnaround time. The powder coating process spans pre-application to curing and is completed within one system, keeping everything contained, safe, and efficient.

We installed the Gema line in 2018, but our team have been powder coating for over thirty years, combining experience and expertise with the latest technologies in order to ensure the highest quality service possible for clients. No matter the scope of your project, we cater to a number of different industries and are always happy to help.

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