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Gema Powder Coating

Experience the pinnacle of powder coating precision with

UK Powder Coating Services' cutting-edge Gema powder

coating line. Here's why our system stands out: 

The revolutionary system offers seamless control over

every aspect of coating. From guns to reciprocators and

booths, all parameters are centrally managed, ensuring

consistent and reproducible outcomes. Our user-friendly

touchscreen interface allows operators to navigate

effortlessly, while personalised programmes can be

created and accessed conveniently.

The control system seamlessly integrates with all coating process components, streamlining production and maintenance for enhanced efficiency. We can tailor parameters to different powder types effortlessly, maintaining constant quality while minimising powder consumption.

Efficient manual coating tasks are made easy with our spray guns. PowerBoost technology provides the highest powder charging capacity in the industry, reaching 110 kV while adhering to stringent safety regulations. Gema guns are engineered for swift and hassle free colour changes, thanks to their optimised design and innovative nozzles. Backed by over 50 years of experience in powder coating and Swiss quality standards, Gema guns are synonymous with reliability.

Compared to other powder coating facilities, the Gema line offers a range of distinct advantages, such as enhanced product quality, heightened corrosion resistance, and shortened turnaround times. This comprehensive powder coating process, from pre-application to curing, is seamlessly integrated within a single system, promoting containment, safety, and efficiency.

Our adoption of the Gema line dates back to 2018. However, our team boasts a rich history of over thirty years in the powder coating industry. Combining decades of experience and expertise with cutting edge technologies, we are dedicated to delivering the best quality service to our clients. Regardless of project size or complexity, we serve various industries and remain committed to providing assistance whenever needed.

Photo of gema paint gun powder coating an object

Our Gema Paint Line

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