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Pricing & Requirements

We provide a fast response to all enquiries regarding prices for powder coating services and every cost is bespoke to your exact needs.

Below are a few factors that affect the overall cost of your

powder coating projects:


The weight of the item that is going to be coated.

Heavier items will require more time in the curing oven to

ensure they are properly dried.


Our fully automated powder coating paint line can

coat items of a dimension up to 3000x1500x600mm in size.

The larger the item, the more power needed.


How many parts will be in the batch? Is it a single porotype item or a full production batch?

State of Item

If the item is rusty or previously coated, it will require a more intense pre-treatment. 

Special Requirements

If your item/s require any special requirements such as delivery or have parts that don’t need coating, we will draw up a bespoke price plan.


Consultation Requirements

When contacting UK Powder Coating Services for a project consultation and a quote, please provide as many as possible of the following list of items:

-    A Dimensional sketch or drawing depicting the length,

     width and height of the item/s

-    A photograph of the parts

-    Any special requirements such as required masking

-    Colour choice

-    The finish needed

-    Quantity of parts per batch

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