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Aviation Powder Coating

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powder coated metal product
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Resilient to bumps, scratches, and harsh environments, it is no wonder that the aviation industry looks to powder coating to fulfil a variety of their needs. This industry is one that we are familiar working with, helping them to produce hardy end-products for a variety of uses. As the aviation powder coating experts based in Suffolk, we are happy to help fulfil the needs and requirements of all our clients, whilst boasting quality assurance.

As touched upon, aviation powder coating is integral due to the composition of the molecular structure of the paint once it has cured and bonded, making it a preferable alternative to regular painting methods. Traditional methods also take much longer to dry and don’t last as long when put to the test.

The powder coating process starts at pre-application, where we ensure the parts are thoroughly cleaned, through to curing, where the powder resin is heated and cooled to ensure that bonding has occurred, and a full coverage can be guaranteed. This fully automated process, thanks to our Gema powder coating line, is what ensures the best results for all the projects we undertake. As well as powder coating for aviation, we are familiar working with a range of industries.

With over 30 years of experience, UK Powder Coating Services has covered countless projects since it was still considered a manual craft, all the way through to the fully automated system that we have today. The same care and attention goes into our process now as it did then.

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If you work within the aviation / aerospace industry and are in need of our expertise, get in touch today by contacting us on 01440 706218.

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