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Welcome to UK Powder Coating Services 

Welcome to UK Powder Coating Services! – Our powder coating plant is based in Haverhill, Suffolk but can provide services to businesses and manufacturers across the UK.

UK Powder Coating Services (a division of DB Sheetmetals Ltd) are a premium supplier of powder coating services and products to industry professionals. With over 30 years of experience in the powder coating services market, our team have developed a steadfast reputation for high-quality products with a top end commercial finish.

Our facility has the capacity to powder coat items up to 3000x1500x600mm in size and thanks to our automated 4 stage paint line, we are highly competitive for volume orders and large batch quantities, as well as one-off pieces.

​Our powder coating service has always seen us invest in the latest powder coating technologies, which has enabled us to offer industrial subcontract powder coating services, to a variety of industries and ensures that all of our customers receive the highest quality product every time. Here at UK Powder Coating Services, we pride ourselves on our personable service and the team are always happy to advise or answer any queries regarding our technologies and processes.

powder coating services

Our Powder Coating Company in Suffolk can Offer:

Small batches or one-off pieces

Automated Gema powder coating line

Huge range of colours

Exceptionally high product quality

Quick turnaround time

Superior corrosion resistance

Environmentally friendly

powder coating services

The UK Powder Coating Services Process


The item(s) to be powder coated enters the 3-stage pre-treatment drying process, first it is degreased, then has a phosphate wash, before undergoing a double rinse for a perfectly prepared product.

Drying Oven

The product then goes into a drying oven to ensure all liquid is removed and the surface is primed for powder.


Once inside the colouring booth the product is coated with a uniform layer of the chosen colour.


From here the product is heated in the curing oven, sealing the colour on and creating a high end, powder coated commercial finish.

powder coating paint line

Taking advantage of the expertise of Gema powder coating UK technology, our process is suited to large batch productions as well as one off pieces and smaller projects. The fully automated powder coating paint line enables us to deliver consistent, thoroughly covered products in the shortest possible turn-around time. Using this advanced equipment creates a seamless and uniformed coverage on every project and with the ability to programme designs into the machinery, matching design briefs is guaranteed.

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powder coating service

Each project undertaken by our UK powder coating professionals undergoes our three-stage pre-treatment process which helps to ensure the seamless coverage of the finished product. Next, the product goes into a drying oven, then into the powder booth and finally into the curing oven, without the need for operator intervention removing the risk of damage in handling and ensuring a flawless end product.

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powder coated chairs in different colours

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