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UK Powder Coating Services have a long history meeting the needs and requirements of several leading industries, and retail is one of them. Our specialisation in creating bespoke, durable finishes makes our process one that is sought out by professionals looking for retail powder coating services across the UK.

Ensuring that point-of-sale displays look the part, our team is adept at applying our services to create units that are designed to stand out and draw in customers for new and existing products, whether they are on sale or not. It is integral that point-of-sale displays look the best that they can to generate as many sales as possible, which is why UK Powder Coating Services are on hand to deliver exceptional retail powder coating results.

Other areas of the retail industry that we can apply our expertise to include the powder coating of shopping carts and store fixtures. Taking advantage of a plethora of available colours with a lasting and scratch resistant finish, our team of retail powder coaters can create dynamic and professional end products for your company.

UK Powder Coating Services

Get in touch with us for retail powder coating services today and call us on 01440 706218  or email to speak to a specialist.

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