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Aerospace Powder Coating

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powder coated metal product
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Relying on high quality finishes and time efficiency, it is no wonder those looking for aerospace powder coating turn to UK Powder Coating Services to help fulfil the objectives of a plethora of projects. Durable and resilient to harsh environments and chemicals, the Gema powder coating line can provide bespoke finishes on integral pieces. If you are looking for specialists in aerospace powder coating, look no further than the experienced team at UK Powder Coating Services.

With a quality assured process, protect your pieces with reinforced strength at a molecular level. The secret behind the durability of powder coated products is what occurs during the curing process, where the powder melts and bonds. Through from pre-application to curing our team will ensure your product is handled with the care and appreciation required of seasoned powder coaters.

With over 30 years’ experience we have seen powder coating evolve from a manual craft to a fully automated operation. Our experience and the latest technological advantages couple to create time-conscious system with only the best results in mind.  


For time efficient and high-quality aerospace powder coating services contact our Suffolk based team on 01440 706218 now.

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