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Architecture Powder Coating

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The architectural industry is vast and covers many bases. It’s no wonder that, in their line of work, they’d look towards UK Powder Coating Services to help ensure reliability and durability. It is a useful method of paint application for a variety of reasons, including its durability and weather proofing, as well as allowing for a variety of vibrant colours.  For an industry such as architecture, powder coating has proven to be a frequently invaluable asset for our clients and is becoming a more popular choice across the board.


Powder Coating Process

The powder coating process involves a smoother, faster application of paint. Typically, it can take days for wet paint to dry, but the curing process of powder coating means that the time of waiting around for the finished product can be reduced to a matter of hours. Our fully automated powder coating system ensures a seamless production from pre-application through to curing.


Scratch Resistant

Once applied, the powder bonds and creates a sturdy layer around the product. Due to its molecular structure, this layer of paint is hardy, and can better withstand bumps and scratches. Whilst also being easily cleanable, these aspects in themselves make powder coating perfect for use within the architectural industry, let alone the fabulous array of colours available.


Environmentally Conscious

For the architectural industry, sustainability is becoming more and more important. Powder coating just so happens to be the most sustainable option of painting available, due to there being less waste and less hazardous materials entering the atmosphere. Powder coating is solvent and VOC free. The environmentally conscious choice for architecture is UK Powder Coating Services.


For Powder Coating Services

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