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Medical Industry Powder Coating 

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One of the most innovative developments in powder coating is it’s use within healthcare environments. With an anti-microbial finish, the powder coated medical equipment that we produce is easily cleaned, and durable against harsh chemicals used in the sterilisation process. At UK Powder Coating Services, we work with a variety of medical settings within the industry, including surgeries, dental practices, hospitals, and other sterile environments.


Safe and Hygienic Environments

In comparison to traditional wet painting methods, powder coating is a dry finishing method that can be used on a variety of materials, including galvanised steel and aluminium. Specially designed to prevent the spread of bacteria, it is often used for medical grade items such as hospital beds, trolleys, wheelchairs, handrails, and other metal equipment that comes in contact with patients that may be susceptible to bacteria, viruses and parasites. By employing our anti-microbial powder coating process on these items, medical facilities can prevent the spread of hospital borne diseases, protecting both patients and staff from illness and creating a safe, hygienic environment.


Money Saving

Our high-tech Gema powder coating line also ensures exterior durability, preventing against chemical damage and corrosion. The longevity of medical facilities and equipment can be significantly improved by powder coating, offering a simple and effective way of saving money. Much more resistant than standard paint, powder coated surfaces can endure chips, scratches, and bumps, without damage.  From our years of working with clients in the medical industry, we understand how important it is to protect expensive healthcare facilities and equipment - powder coating can considerably help to reduce the costs associated with repairs and replacements.

Contact UK Powder Coating Services

To find out more about our anti-microbial powder coating services and to discuss any projects within the medical industry, you can contact one of our expert advisors. Call 01440 706218, or email

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