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There’s a good reason why members of the construction industry are one of our most regular clients at UK Powder Coating Services. Utilising a tough monolithic powder coating, the tools of the trade are subject to several benefits such as (to name but a few) heightened resilience against bumps, scratches, and even extreme weather conditions. When looking to powder coat for the construction and industry, look no further than UK Powder Coating Services.

Powder coating creates resistance to:

  • Abrasion

  • Heat

  • Liquid penetration

  • Corrosion

  • UV rays

  • Tough chemicals.

Overall benefits of powder coating:

  • Durable –

Once cured, the molecular structure of the paint ensures that the powder coating lasts.

  • Versatile –

Due to the properties of powder coating it can be applied to a wide variety of products and is used across a wide variety of industries.

  • Environmentally Friendly –

Powder coating releases less hazardous waste and harmful gases (VOCs) into the atmosphere in comparison to wet paints. We are also able to recycle powder that is unused during the process.

  • Time efficient –

In comparison to wet paints the application and curing processes involved in powder coating are much faster.

It is because of all of these reasons and more that the construction and industry seek us out to powder coat their tools and equipment. Moreover, our powder coating services in the UK come fully quality assured, and our full list of industries covered can be found online.

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Are you in the construction and industry? Do you want to utilise over thirty years of powder coating experience? Look no further than UK Powder Coating Services. Contact us today by calling 01440 706218 or emailing

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