Industries & Applications

Due to powder coatings exceptional and versatile benefits, it is used to finish items from a wide range of industries worldwide. UK Powder Coating Services has maintained a leading reputation through our flawless work in some of the most vital sectors of the market.

Construction and Telecommunications

One of the most popular industries for the applications of

powder coating, simply because its benefits make it the

perfect finish for the job. As a tough monolithic armour

powder coated items are extremely resistant to abrasion,

heat, liquid penetration, corrosion, UV rays and even

tough chemicals.


The domestic appliance industry is one that utilises both powder coatings durability and aesthetic appeal. The flawless finish can provide appliances with an increased life span as well as stunning bold colours that standard wet paint simply cannot achieve.


The finishing needs of the military defence sector continue to advance and change. This includes the evolution of powder coating. Our powder coating services have offered the military outstanding durability and excellent corrosion resistance on important and expensive vehicles and assets that are needed to protect our military personnel worldwide.


The main priority for machines and items in the medical sector is the need for constant sterilisation. The smooth and flawless finish powder coating offers can be wiped down easily and the durable coat can withstand strong cleaning chemicals.


When designing an aircraft, there is no cutting corners

and skipping even the tiniest detail. Powder coating

plays several important parts in the manufacture and

finishing of many aircrafts. Ensuring that each part is

protected from the unique environment that it will

withstand, powder coating prevents oxidisation,

corrosion and exterior damage while offering a reduced

drag and streamlining the body.

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