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Which Materials Can Be Powder Coated?

Updated: May 2

powder coated metal cogs and springs

With its ability to create a durable outer layer, powder coating has become one of the most widely used processes across the manufacturing world. If you’re interested in powder coating for your business or personal items, learning more about the types of materials which can undergo the process will be incredibly useful. At UK Powder Coating Services, we’re experienced in working with a range of different metals to complete projects for businesses from sectors including construction, agriculture, aerospace, and more.

Read on to discover which metals can be powder coated by our experts, and how the powder coating process works.

Powder Coating for Metals

If you are already aware of powder coating, you may know that the vast majority of materials which can be coated are metal. This is because unlike other materials, metal can be electrically grounded during the process, which requires static electricity to apply the powder. Consequently, almost every type of metal that is capable of tolerating temperatures up to 200°C and an electrical charge can be powder coated. These compatible metals include mild steel, galvanised and electroplated steel, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and most other steel alloys.

What is Powder Coating Used For?

Thanks to the increased durability and aesthetic layer that powder coatings provide, there are a vast range of items which can benefit. These range from aviation components and construction tools, to agricultural machinery and architectural features such as staircases and gates. Additionally, the chemical and bacterial resistance of powder coatings lend them to be employed on items within a range of medical settings, and the chemical storage industry. Whichever sector your business lies within, our experts can provide a powder coating solution for your items.

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