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Choosing Colour and Finish for your Project

Powder coating is a fantastic solution for imbuing your sheet metal project with superior durability, aesthetics, and functionality. However, with a vast spectrum of colours and finishes available, selecting the ideal combination can feel overwhelming. At UK Powder Coating Services we are here to guide you through the key factors to consider when crafting your perfect powder coated masterpiece.

What purpose does your project serve?

Functionality should also be a prime consideration. High-traffic areas demand a hard-wearing finish. Textured powders can effectively mask minor imperfections and enhance grip on surfaces like appliance handles. For components requiring electrical conductivity, a specialised powder coat might be necessary.

Matching Your Vision

UK Powder Coating Services boasts a comprehensive colour palette, allowing you to perfectly match your project's intended design. Bold colours make a statement, while lighter tones exude a clean and airy feel. Consider the size and shape of your project as well. Lighter colours tend to visually enlarge, while darker tones can create a sense of depth. Don't be afraid to experiment with contrasting colours to highlight design features.

The Power of Finish

The chosen finish significantly impacts the visual appeal and functionality of your project.

  • Gloss: High-shine and reflective, ideal for a touch of luxury or emphasising clean lines in a modern setting.

  • Satin: Offers a sophisticated sheen, perfect for furniture, appliances, or architectural components.

  • Matte: A contemporary low-sheen finish that effectively hides minor surface irregularities.

  • Textured: Provides a unique touch, ideal for industrial applications or hiding imperfections.

For more information on our powder coating services, contact us today on 01440 706218, or email today.

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