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Why Powder Coating is So Durable

Trying to find a long lasting finishing method for your sheet metal fabrication project can be a struggle. While traditional paint is often vulnerable to scratches and chips, meaning it will degrade over time and require future touch ups. This is where powder coating from UK Powder Coating Services can step in.

Unlike paint, which relies on solvents to adhere, powder coating takes a completely different approach. The secret lies in the powder itself, which consists of a dry, finely ground mixture of resin, pigments, and other additives. This mixture is electrostatically charged, giving it a magnetic attraction to the metal surface being coated. Once applied, the piece is baked in an oven, causing the powder to melt, flow, and fuse into a continuous, hard-wearing layer. This process is the cause of powder coating's impressive strength.

The high temperature curing process creates a strong chemical bond between the powder coating and the metal. This bond is superior to the physical adherence achieved with traditional paint, making it resistant to chipping, peeling, and flaking, even under harsh conditions. Alongside this, powder coating typically results in a thicker layer compared to paint. This extra layer acts as a robust shield, better absorbing impacts and guarding the underlying metal from scratches and abrasions.

Unlike paint, which can be susceptible to solvents and harsh chemicals, powder coating forms a virtually impenetrable barrier. This makes it ideal for applications where exposure to chemicals is a concern, such as on machinery, outdoor furniture, or even kitchen appliances.

Powder coating also stands up to the elements. Its UV-resistant properties prevent colour fading often seen with painted surfaces exposed to prolonged sunlight. Additionally, the coating's exceptional resistance to moisture protects against rust and corrosion, making it a perfect choice for outdoor applications.

To find out more about our powder coating, get in touch with us today. Contact us on 01440 706218, or email today.

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