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Following the careful cleaning, preparing, pre-treatment of each metal item, the powder coating process can continue. As soon as the base layer primer that we apply has properly cured, the surface is ready for the application stage of powder coating to begin.​ Our automated production line uses electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), in order to properly adhere the powder to the metal substrate. This is completed on our automated production line within dedicated spray booths, and overseen by our experienced powder coating professionals.

Electrostatic Spray Disposition (ESD)

Carried out using our advanced spray guns, the process

involves applying an electrostatic charge to the powder

particles using a high voltage generator. This creates a

high voltage potential within the electrodes at the tip of

the gun. These electrodes generates an ion field between

the gun, and the grounded substrate, transmitting a

charge to the powder particles as they pass through the

gun. The charged powder is attracted to the grounded surface of the metal, which ensures that the particles firmly stick.

Powder Coating Spray Booths

The spray booths within our dedicated powder coating facility serve as an application area for our quality powder coating services, within our Gema production line. In addition to ensuring that there is an evenly distributed application, these powder coating spray booths also act as an overspray containment area. This means that any overspray material can be collected by our in-built recycling facility, before it can be reused in future powder coating applications.

To find out more about the pre-application powder coating process, or the specialist powder that we use, get in touch with our team at UK Powder Coating Services today.

Powder Coating: The Application Process

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