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Powder coating is a finishing method which can be applied to a wide range of projects, big and small. As well as aspects like its production speed and range of colours and finishes, a key factor of powder coating which makes it stand out above the rest is its fantastic durability.

Once the item has completed the powder coating process,

it’s heated up to 200°C. These high temperatures are

essential to ensure a proper curing process.

Powder coating distinguishes itself through its even and

comprehensive coverage. Electrostatically charged

powder particles are carefully applied to the substrate,

ensuring a uniform finish that minimises the risk of unevenness and drips. This precise application process results in a seamless and robust surface, setting powder coating apart from traditional liquid coatings with their potential for inconsistencies, and helping it resist abrasion, chips and dents.

The curing process is a key contributor to the exceptional durability of powder coating. During curing, the powder-coated item undergoes high temperatures, forming a molecular bond that creates a formidable shield against impacts, abrasions, and corrosive elements. This intrinsic fortification sets powder coating apart from conventional liquid coatings, making it less susceptible to vulnerabilities like chipping and peeling over time.


Powder coating's resistance to chemicals, UV rays, and adverse weather conditions further underscores its durability. This resilience ensures that the coated surfaces maintain their integrity over extended periods, standing up to the challenges of diverse environments. In contrast, some alternative coatings may exhibit signs of degradation or discolouration with prolonged exposure. This is one of the many reasons powder coating is such a suitable finishing process for a range of industries, including chemical storage, architecture, agriculture and more.

To find out more about powder coating and discuss your needs with a member of our team, contact us today.

Durable Powder Coating

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