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Why Powder Coating for Aviation is Essential

Updated: May 2, 2023

aviation powder coating

Within the aviation industry, safety is paramount. Designing safe and effective aircraft requires specialised knowledge and technology, in order to ensure that planes can take-off, travel long distances and land safely. One of the most important elements to aircraft construction is the powder coating of thousands of parts and components, used to provide protection against extreme elements, and extend the service life of the plane. Here at UK Powder Coating Services, we’re proud to partner with our clients in the aviation industry, providing a vital service in the construction of a range of different aircraft.

Protection From the Elements

Powder coating within the aviation industry is also referred to as aircraft coating, aircraft protection and aviation paint. As each plane is comprised of a large number of both static and moving parts, it is essential that each of these components is effectively coated. There are a number of reasons why powder coating these parts is essential:

· It ensures that each part is protected from the extreme weather conditions of the atmosphere, preventing corrosion and oxidation.

· It prevents galling and scratching that can happen with any high-friction parts.

· Effective powder coating decreases the amount of drag that occurs on the aircraft, making it run more efficiently - ultimately leading to optimum fuel and speed efficiency.

In addition to ensuring that aircraft function more smoothly, aviation powder coating also provides an aesthetic and flawless finish on the wings and fuselage of planes.

The Benefits of Powder Coating in Aviation

Unlike traditional paint, powder coating is a dry, electrostatically-charged powder that is sprayed onto the parts. As part of our application process here at UK Powder Coating Services, the coating is then cured in an oven which allows it to chemically react, producing breakdown-resistant molecular chains. This ensures that the coating is highly durable and ready to provide long-lasting protection against harsh weather. As our Gema process releases less hazardous waste and harmful gases (VOCs) into the atmosphere, it is environmentally friendly – something which is important to our clients in the aviation industry, due to the strict climate guidelines they have to adhere to.

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