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How Powder Coating Benefits Agriculture

Updated: May 2, 2023

agricultural powder coating

The agriculture industry - and all the sectors within it - is arguably one of the most central parts of our economy in the UK. Without it, food production and supply would be stopped in its tracks. As technology moves on within the industry, one of the largest reasons for the developments in machinery is powder coating, which provides a durable and resilient coat to these advanced machines. Here at UK Powder Coating Services in Haverhill, Suffolk, we are proud to offer our high-tech processes for a number of clients within the agriculture industry.

Protecting Agriculture Machinery

With the time that machinery such as tractors and fertilisers spend outside in the British weather, it is vital that they are protected against the elements. With the right weather protection, these machines can ensure that the harvesting process is completed efficiently, without breaking down. Powder coating can provide tractors, harvesters, and other agriculture machinery with a high level of resilience, as well as lasting colour. This is due to the bonding process of powder coating which alters the molecular structure of the metal, creating a much more durable substitute to standard paint.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At UK Powder Coating Services, we have been at the cutting-edge of the powder coating process for over 30 years. Using the very latest technology, with our Gema production line, our experts will ensure a seamless, high-quality finish for your products. From initial application to the final curing process, we will make sure that your agriculture powder coating project is completed with high attention to detail, in a time efficient manner.

Contact Our Experts

To discuss your project, or to learn more about why the agriculture industry in Suffolk looks towards UK Powder Coating Services, contact our team of professionals today. Call 01440 706218 or email

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