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Why Switch to Powder Coated Metal?

Updated: May 25, 2023

coloured spray from powder coating

In recent years, powder-coated metal has become the material of choice for manufacturers thanks to the numerous benefits it can offer to a finished product. Everything from home furnishings, outdoor equipment, car parts and machinery can benefit from powder coating and more and more everyday powder coated items are increasingly in demand. So, if you’ve not started powder coating your products yet, here is why you should make the switch.

Better Coverage

Companies often rely on paint or chrome to coat metal goods, which do add some level of protection to unfinished metal but is costly and time-consuming and cannot be applied to everything. The level of coverage attained by these processes is variable and the risk of under or overcoating is high, leaving some parts clumpy and some parts vulnerable to corrosion. With powder-coated metal, however, seamless coverage can be attained and fast! Applied using an electrostatic charge, powder coating provides a uniform coating across the metal and ensure even coating and all-round protection.

More Environmentally Friendly

Using powder coating as opposed to wet paints is more environmentally friendly, thanks to the very little waste the process produces. As the powder is applied as a dry product, any excess that comes off the product can be swept up and recycled, whereas paint excess simply ends up being disposed of. Additionally, wet and spray paints contain solvents and chemicals that are harmful to the environment and consistent exposure to these compounds can be harmful to humans too. With consumers paying closer attention to the impact that businesses have on the planet, it’s more important than ever for companies to make the switch the less harmful alternatives so that they have green credentials and boosted sales.

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