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What’s in the Powder?

Powder coating has been taking the manufacturing industry by storm for the last few decades. Its ability to make an item not only look amazing but become more durable, rust-resistant and long-lasting is why it is being adopted by more businesses every day. But what are the magic powder ingredients, and how are they making our powder coating service in Suffolk second to none?


Resin is a composite blend that can be moulded into a strong and pliable material. It is the resin that when melted, helps create the flawless coat.

Curing Agents

In order to increase an item's lifespan and durability, curing agents are used. These agents react with the other ingredients to form a solid layer and bind the coating.


Another important ingredient of powder coating is additives. These serve a variety of purposes within the overall composition. Some are used to create a hardened finish while others are used to create a matt or silk effect – depending on your preferences.

Post Additives

The post additives in the powder can prevent the item from caking. These are added after the hardening process and is broken into small chunks.

Tint Pigments

Tint pigments provide the all important colour. Inorganic pigments provide an often pale colour, while organic pigments are responsible for the more vibrant side of the colour wheel.


Extender, also known as fillers, provide that extra layer of durability, they can also reduce glossiness depending on your chosen finish.

To find out more about how we are using these ingredients to produce expertly coated items with our powder coating service in Suffolk click here. Or speak to a member of our team on 01440 706218.

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