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Quality Powder Coating for the Aerospace Industry

Updated: May 2, 2023

aerospace powder coating

Within the aerospace industry, components should be able to withstand the challenging conditions that aircraft operate in. Both commercial and military jets require a protective outer layer that will last for years to come, as well as correctly functioning components that can withstand heavy use. Durable and resilient to harsh environments, our high-tech process here at UK Powder Coating Services can provide a superior finish on a range of integral pieces for the aerospace industry. Our extensive experience, coupled with the advanced technology we use means that we have a number of clients within aerospace who rely on our powder coating services.

Increased Corrosion Protection

Each aerospace powder coating project begins with our pre-treatment process, where our team will ensure that your alloy components are cleaned with a phosphate wash, effectively removing debris whilst neutralising the PH and priming the surface. Following this, your items will be powder coated using our electrostatic spray guns, ensuring that the powdered particles are chemically bonded to the surface of the metal. The final curing process then takes place, to ensure a first-rate finish that is both attractive, and designed to provide optimum corrosion protection.

Superior Product Quality

When compared to other coating methods, our Gema technology comes out on top each time. This is due to increased durability, superior product quality, and reduced turnaround time. Additionally, our cutting-edge powder coating facility here at our base in Suffolk has the ability to powder coat items up to 3000x1500x600mm in size – including everything from large aircraft parts to smaller gear components.

UK Powder Coating Services

For more information about our powder coating services for the aerospace industry, or to enquire about beginning your project, simply contact our team of specialists today. Call us on 01440 706218, or email

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