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Powder Coating: The Environmentally Friendly Option

Updated: May 2, 2023

green powder coated items

In 2023, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives has never been higher, within all aspects of life. In the midst of the drive to stop climate change from reaching unfixable levels, many organisations are considering their role, and how they can seek out sustainable practices. As an environmentally friendly finishing method, powder coating has become the technique of choice for many businesses requiring a durable finish for a range of items. Here at UK Powder Coating Services in Suffolk, our powder coating process includes a number of eco-friendly initiatives, which our clients can take advantage of.

Powder Coating vs Liquid Paints

Conventional or traditional liquid paints are full of solvents, and contain high amounts of volatile organic compounds - these harmful VOCs produce emissions that can be extremely damaging to the environment. As zero solvents are present within powder coatings, it is much more eco-friendly finishing method, which doesn’t release any hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Not only is powder coating preferable to liquid paint in an environmental sense, it is also much more durable and resistant against scratches, knocks, and extreme weather conditions.

Powder Recycling Centre

At our dedicated powder coating facility, we make use of the latest technology in our automated Gema production line. With our cutting-edge powder recycling centre, any excess powders can be collected in order to be reused once again – resulting in significantly less waste. This also means that less energy and resources are needed in order to manufacture more powder, which enables us to keep costs down for our clients and customers.

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To make the most of this environmentally friendly finishing method for your project, speak to our experts at UK Powder Coating Services. Call 01440 706218, or email us at

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