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Powder Coating in the Construction Industry

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coating in the construction industry

In recent years, powder coating has been increasingly selected by those within the construction industry, due to the high performance of the method. In comparison to liquid paint, powder coating provides a range of benefits for construction components, including increased resilience against knocks, and the durability to withstand extreme weather conditions. At UK Powder Coating Services, we have extensive links to clients within the construction industry, who select us for our high-quality output and outstanding service.

Why Powder Coating?

For those looking for a flawless finishing method for items within the construction industry, traditional paint is sub-par when compared to powder coating. In certain environments, wet paint is unresistant against elements such as heat and moisture, leading to chips, deterioration, and eventual breakdown. In contrast, the electrostatic application of powder coating results in superior corrosion resistance, with long-lasting coverage. Moreover, the powder coating process that we employ is more environmentally friendly than wet paint, producing a negligible amount of harmful gases (VOCs) in comparison.

Powder Coating for Tools, Apparatus & Building Components

Because of its extremely durable and protective qualities, powder coating has become the finishing method of choice for a variety of construction tools and apparatus, such as concrete mixers, trestles, hand cutters, and load transporters, to name but a few. With our tough and protective coating, these tools are durable against heavy use, and can endure even the harshest of environments. Additionally, our expert team are able to powder coat a range of other building components that may be used within construction, including metal facades, fencing and railings, lighting units, and much more.

Contact UK Powder Coating Services

Looking to utilise UK Powder Coating Services’ expertise for your powder coating project within the construction industry? Simply contact us today by calling 01440 706218, or alternatively email us at

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