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Powder Coating for the Medical Industry

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coating for the medical industry

Within the medical industry, one of the most vital pre-requisites is a clean, safe environment. Ensuring that different surfaces are sanitised and not an environment for germs is important not only for medical equipment, but also for anything else that comes into contact with both patients and staff. One of the ways that this can be guaranteed is by powder coating items – giving them an effective anti-microbial finish. Here at UK Powder Coating Services, we work with a variety of medical settings within the industry, completing powder coating projects for a range of sterile environments.

Why Powder Coating is Effective

As a dry finishing method, powder coating can be used on a wide selection of metal surfaces. Once applied to items, on our cutting-edge Gema powder coating line, the coating creates a highly durable and protective layer – which is also specifically designed to stop the spread of bacteria, parasites and associated diseases. In comparison to standard paint, this makes powder coating ideal for medical grade items, including wheelchairs, handrails, hospital beds, and other metal equipment that comes in contact with patients.

Resistant Against Scratches and Chemicals

In addition to assisting the prevention of bacteria, our powder coatings are also extremely effective in enduring the scratches and knocks that come with heavy use in a medical environment. Additionally, the uniformed powder coating layer applied during our process is durable against various types of harsh chemicals that are used when sterilising, and can easily be cleaned without damage. As the durability of powder coating significantly improves the lifespan of items and equipment, it offers our clients in the medical industry a way of saving significant money in the long term.

Enquire About our Services

For more information about our anti-microbial powder coating services, or to enquire about your own project, contact one of our expert advisors today. Call 01440 706218, or email

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