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Powder Coating 101

The process of powder coating may sound puzzling, and the use of scientific words such as electrostatic attraction and particle charging makes matters more confusing. But when put into its basic steps, our powder coating service is simple and produces an outstanding product.


Before an item can be powder coated, first it must be primed. This involves a phosphate wash, which cleans the item and ensures any dirt, oils or residue are removed and won’t show up on your final product, whilst also preparing it for the next step.


Here is where the science comes in! An electrostatic spray gun adds a positive charge to the powder particles, which attracts them to the negatively grounded object being sprayed – your item. The electrostatic charge helps reduce overspray and prevents uneven build-up, leaving a smooth and uniform finish.


The product is then baked or ‘cured’ in an oven. Depending on the material of the item this is usually at around 200 degrees. This melts the powder, allowing it to flawlessly coat every millimetre of the surface, producing the flawless coverage powder coating is known for.

Find out more about how our engineers use in-depth knowledge and state of the art machinery to produce a perfectly coated item like no other by calling us on 01440 706218 or by filling out our contact form here.

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