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Updated: May 3

There are many reasons that our powder coating service is better than using standard wet paints for many projects. This is represented in the manufacturing finishing market, with over 15% now being represented by powder coating. This fantastic finishing method was invented in 1945 and its quick rise to popularity shows just how beneficial it can be.

A powder coating creates a durable outer shell, protecting the metal underneath from everything such as UV Rays, abrasion, and other environmental wear and tear. Not only that, it assists in protecting from scratches, dings, and other accidents that might damage the metal, however the coating itself is so strong that often these scratches won’t appear on the coating.

This is because when the powder coating is cured, it ‘melts’ together in a chemical reaction creating long molecular chains, resulting in high cross-link density. These chains are resistant to breakdown, which is what makes powder coated products so durable.

In addition, the dry-finish formula means that the coating can be generously applied without seeing any flaws appearing in the finished product. In standard wet paints, thinner layers must be applied to avoid drips and sagging, extended the wait time significantly.

Whereas, powder coating a product only requires you wait for the metal to cool after curing before the product is ready for use. These enduring powders are available in spectacular, vibrant colours, that are much harder to achieve with standard wet paints or can decrease the quality of them.

If you want bold, durable powder coating applied right, consider UK Powder Coating Services. Our fully automated, state-of-the-art Gema paint line reliably primes metals, applies powder, and cures to a first-class finish.

To find out more visit our website or contact us on 01440 706218.

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