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Our 4-Step Powder Coating Process Explained

Updated: May 2, 2023

4 step powder coating process

As part of our commitment to providing outstanding service, here at UK Powder Coating Services, we pay attention to even the smallest of details. Evident through our high-quality products and Quality Assurance, our experts ensure that each step in our powder coating journey is thoroughly quality checked and controlled. Since the initial development of powder coating in the 1950s, the method has developed a great deal, to the high-tech Gema production line seen in our factory today. Here, we’ve summarised each of the 4 steps in our powder coating process, explaining how the detailed process works:

Step 1: The Powder is Created

Before our application process begins, the powdered coating itself must first be created. Comprised of polymer resin systems, this is carefully combined with a number of curatives, pigments, and levelling agents. After these components have been mixed, they are cooled before being ground into the flour-like powder used in application.

Stage 2: Surface Preparation and Pre-Treatment

Our professionals will always discuss your exact requirements prior to commencing your project, including your desired finish and colour. This will help to determine the type of surface cleansing required to remove any grit, rust or debris, which we carry out using our neutralising phosphate wash. After cleaning, the items are then pre-treated, creating an adhesive surface for a perfect coating.

Stage 3: The Application Process

The next step is the actual powder coating, as per your technical specifications. Areas that require protection are taken care of, with either specialised plugs or high temperature masking. A specialist electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) gun is used to adhere the powder to the metal, with our technicians on hand to ensure the coating is flawless.

Stage 4: Curing and Cooling

Finally, the item is sent to undergo the curing process. This is where applied heat causes the powder coating to ‘melt’ in our temperature-controlled oven, for a specified duration. Once the item has completed this process, it is cooled down. Final quality control checks are then completed by our diligent team, to make sure that every item that comes off our production line meets our high standards.

Begin your Powder Coating Project

If you would like to learn more about our quality-checked powder coating processes, or enquire about your project, contact our team today. Call 01440 706218 or email for more information.

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