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How Does Powder Coating Work?

Updated: May 2, 2023

red powder coated items on production line

With so many benefits to the method, it’s difficult to beat the protective qualities that powder coating offers. Since being introduced as a solution to end hazardous paint coatings, powder coating has morphed into a vital part of metal fabrication, with strongholds in industries ranging from architecture and aviation, to chemical storage and retail. Here at UK Powder Coating Services, we’ve created a guide to help you to understand how the powder coating process works, using our extensive experience and expertise in the method.

Before any coating can begin, each metal surface should first be suitably prepped and primed, ready for application. At UK Powder Coating Services, we use a phosphate wash which is designed to remove any debris or rust from the exterior, whilst priming the metal for the coating. The powder itself is fabricated using a melted combination of polymer resin systems, levelling agents, curatives, pigments, and flow modifiers. Once blended, the mixture is cooled and ground into a fine powder, before the application process can begin.

Durable and Resistant Coating

After the metal product has been primed, electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is completed, using our high-tech spray guns. This involves applying an electrostatic charge to the particles of powder, which makes for easy attraction to the grounded metal surface. Following the powder application, each item is passed through a curing oven. Here, chemical reactions are created, resulting in longer molecule chains which are the reason for the durability and resilience of the powdered coating.

Speak to Our Powder Coating Specialists

With our fully automated Gema production line, our powder coating process can be completed in a rapid time frame, with a flawless and uniformed finish. For more information, speak to our powder coating specialists today on 01440 706218, or email us at

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