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4 Reasons Why Powder Coating Beats Paint

Updated: May 2

Whichever industry you are apart of, getting a high-quality finish to your products is often key to meeting demands. To get the long-lasting and durable finish desired, more and more people are turning to professional powder coating over traditional painting methods. With significant advantages to the process, we are proud to be leading the way at UK Powder Coating Services, offering our clients superior quality and excellent customer service with each project we undertake. Outlined here are the 4 key benefits to powder coating.

1. Performance and Durability

strips of powder coated metal

Once a product has been powder coated by us, you can be assured of its long-lasting lifespan. In comparison to paint, powder coated finishes are much more resistant to scratches, chips and general wear-and-tear. They can also withstand weather and chemical corrosion, making powder coating a must for surfaces that are exposed to harsh environments.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Due to efficient application using our high-tech Gema production line, powder coating translates to much lower costs than wet painting. This is because our process is automated, and with less operational costs required, we can pass on those savings to our clients.

3. Environmentally friendly

One of the biggest concerns with wet paint is the high amount of harmful gases (VOCs) that it produces. Powder coating is much more environmentally friendly, thanks to cleaner materials and processes. Plus, with our state of the art paint recycling feature, overflow is reduced and our waste is drastically minimised.

4. Quality

In terms of aesthetics, powder coating is yet again superior to traditional wet paint. Our production line uses an electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) to adhere the powder to the metal item. This electrostatic charge hugely reduces the risk of uneven coatings that can be commonly seen with wet paint, with powder coated materials staying fresher and brighter for longer periods of time.

UK Powder Coating Services

No matter your reasoning for needing our powder coating services, we guarantee to produce a high-quality and durable product every time. Should you wish to discuss your unique requirements with our experienced professionals, you can contact us on 01440 706218 or email

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