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Which Industries use UK Powder Coating?

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coated wheels

UK Powder Coating Services has a long history, operating for over forty years, and continually delivers the best results to a number of clients in a number of industries. Since we began all those years ago the technology behind the process has advanced, meaning we are now able to offer fully automated powder coating services.

Industries Covered

Over the years we have catered to numerous industries from our powder coating base in Haverhill, Suffolk. We are proud to deliver the highest quality of results, and never less.

Some of the industries that have taken advantage of our powder coating services include:

· Agriculture (Farming Machinery)

· Architecture

· Airports (Luggage Systems)

· Chemical Industry

· Construction Industry

· Retail (Point of Sale & Displays)

· Refrigeration Industry

· Motor Industry

· Staging / Entertainment

· Sheetmetal Industry

· Machine Industry (Accessories)

· Medical Industry (Accessories)

If your industry is not listed, do not worry! There is a great chance we could help you, simply get in contact to enquire.

Why UK Powder Coating

As is often the case, experience speaks for itself but coupled with ours is the Gema powder coating system, which works to streamline the process. Our fully online system allows for a less wasteful, more versatile, and time efficient process, making our services more eco-friendly and productive than ever.

Our process applies a protective layer to your products which is durable and known to last, taking care of your wallet in the long run.

Our fully automated powder coating line can paint items up to 3000x1500x600mm in size.

Unlike wet paint that usually takes a few days to dry, powder coating only takes around one hour to cure.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our powder coating services in Haverhill, Suffolk, please get in touch by calling 01440 706218 or you can message us through our online portal.

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