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Powder Coating Down to a Science

Powder coating is a relatively new addition to the world of manufacturing and coating and involves an in depth scientific process. This process may seem complex, but there is nothing confusing about the outstanding final product it leaves you with.

Here is a simple guide on powder coating, and how we use this science to provide an impressive service.

The Powder

The gun applies a positive charge to the powder particles, and as the metal item has a negative charge, this causes them to cling together easily. Our fully automated powder paint line completes this process with little to no intervention from our engineers.

powder coating science

The Curing

The item is then heated up in a curing oven, melting the powder and allowing it to cover and chemically bond to every millimetre of the item. This kind of flawless molecular coating cannot be achieved by standard painting methods. The curing process also allows the product to dry quickly, offering a fast turnover.

The Final Product

What you are left with is an exceptionally high quality, durable and stunningly coated product. Powder coated item are chip, ding and dent resistant and can also last in a variety of harsh weather conditions, including rain with high levels of acidity.

Find out more about our powder coating service by speaking to a member of our skilled team on 01440 706218 or by enquiring here.

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