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Key Markets for Powder Coating

Powder coating now represents over 15% of the metal finishing market but there are some industries that favour powder coating more than others due to its unique qualities. Below we’ve discussed just three of many industries that use powder coating, and why.

Agriculture & Construction

Tractors, trailers, cranes, ploughs, forklifts, diggers, and more. Powder coating is a popular finishing method in agriculture and construction because of its durability. In an environment where the machinery is moving land or lifting metal beams, the chances of the paint job getting hit is high. However, unlike standard wet paints, powder coats are resistant to chips, scratches and dings.


Doors, window frames, bathroom features, guard rails, structural steel and more. For architects, powder coating is an appealing finishing method due to its fantastic long- and short-term corrosion resistance. When the powder coating is cured, the chemical reaction creates strong bonds that sit on top of the metal itself, protecting it from water and other corrosive substances.


Wheels, radiators, suspension systems, valve covers, brake assemblies and more. For car manufacturers, both reasons listed above come into play when choosing powder coating. Additionally, they choose powder coating because the powders are vibrant, bold, and come in various finishes. You can choose virtually any colour under the rainbow and if it doesn’t exist in a standard colour menu, powders can be mixed to achieve the right tone.

Powders can also be applied strategically to created colour gradations and other design effects with flawless blending. Unlike with liquid paints, there is no risk of dripping or sagging, so if the powder coating is done correctly, a flawless result is achieved.

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