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Expert Powder Coating for Domestic Appliances

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coating for domestic appliances

With over 32 years of business under our belts, here at UK Powder Coating Services we’ve built up an enviable reputation for producing products of the highest quality. After cultivating links with clients from a range of industries, one of the sectors that we frequently work with is the domestic industry, where we use our cutting-edge powder coating process to coat a variety of both large and smaller household appliances.

Benefits of Domestic Powder Coating

There are a whole host of advantages for powder coating domestic appliances – with increased durability one of the key benefits. The electrostatic layer that we apply during our powder coating process is cured and dried, ensuring that coated products are resistant against any corrosion, scratches and knocks. This ensures that the domestic appliances we coat last for years to come – from dishwashers, fridges, and washing machines, to microwaves, toasters and freezers.

Greater Colour Flexibility

With current colourful interior design trends, more and more people are opting for household appliances that match their desired colour schemes – rather than the classic white. To ensure that your products are keeping up with this trend, we offer our quality powder coating with a greater flexibility of available colours. Whether you desire to create on-trend green coloured kitchen bins, or a line of rose-gold microwaves, our expert team can bring your designs into fruition.

UK Powder Coating Services

From our base here in Haverhill, Suffolk, we provide a multitude of domestic powder coating services to clients all over the UK. For more information about our services, or to enquire about beginning your domestic powder coating project, simply contact our team of experts today. Call us on 01440 706218, or email

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