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Prior to the powder coating application commencing, each item must undergo a treatment process. This pre-application prep is essential in order to remove any debris or rust, carefully neutralise the PH, and prime the metal surface. With proper chemical treatment, items will be ready for the spraying process to begin, and are much more likely to ensure an exceptional powder coating finish. Although pre-treatment slightly differs depending on the materials that are being coated, we’ve outlined the key steps involved in the process here:


Each component begins its journey through our fully

automated Gema production line by being hung

individually. The parts are then thoroughly steam cleaned

with our machinery to remove any existing debris or dirt.

Phosphate Wash

We then use a phosphate wash which effectively removes

any remaining grease or oil from the surface exterior, whilst also eliminating white rust and oxidation. This is applied evenly via a spray system, before being left in place to neutralise the PH of the surface.

Primer Application

Following the acid wash, a primer is applied to each item’s surface. The purpose of this is to guarantee a consistent and effective adhesion between the metal surface and the powder coating, as well as helping to slow down the speed of oxidation in the long run.


Once each part has been treated and primed, they are moved along our production line for drying and curing. Once the primer has properly cured, the items are ready for the powder coating application process to begin.​

To find out more about the specialist powder that we use, or the remainder of the powder coating process, contact our team at UK Powder Coating Services today.

Powder Coating: Pre-Application Treatment

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