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Tips for Powder Coating Maintenance

Updated: May 24, 2023

powder coating maintenance

Although powder coating stands up time and time against wet paint applications, it still requires some care and maintenance to keep it in the best possible shape. Just how much attention a powder coated product requires will differ based on where the product spends the majority of time, the contaminants it encounters and the use of the product. Read on for tips and information on keeping your powder coated products in the best condition.

Limit Cleanings

Of course, everything requires cleaning but with powder coated item, too much cleaning can cause excessive wear and premature erosion. In most cases, one clean at the start of each new season will be sufficient, focusing on all the hard to reach areas and nooks and crannies. In between these deeper cleans, a quick spray with antibacterial and wipe with a soft cloth will be sufficient enough to remove germs and dirt without affecting the coverage.

Use Gentle Agents

Whenever you do clean a powder coated item, it’s important to us a mild cleaning agent that isn’t overly acidic. Something like bleach for example, can chemically erode the powder, even if applied with a soft cloth and limited pressure is used. Instead, opt for something less intense in a soap format and try to avoid any cleaning agents with abrasives added to them.

Apply Protection

If your powder coated item is designed for use in high contact areas, you can protect them by applying a high-quality car wax to provide a barrier between high touch surfaces and the product. Like with a car, simply apply every three months, ensuring you get an even coverage. For outdoor items, opt for a wax that provides protection from UV rays to avoid fading.

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