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The Powders: Pros and Cons

Powder coating services are functional for a range of industries because of it’s fantastic looks, the ability to sterilise it, and its resistance to damage and corrosion. While a powder coat is almost always a good idea, there are differences in the type of powder and therefore the result of the product. One powder is not necessarily as functional as another. So before you start you New Year New Projects, have a read of this blog!

Thermoplastics vs. Thermosets

A thermoplastic can be melted again and removed from the item with relative ease. This makes it functional for style items such as appliances, benches, furniture, etc. However, it doesn’t hold up to such high temperatures as a thermoset. A thermoset is a more permanent solution that can withhold heavy duty wear and tear for many years!

Epoxy vs. Polyester

Epoxy powders are most popularly used indoors, as it has high impact resistance and good resistance to wear and tear. However, with long exposure to sunlight they can take on a chalky appearance. Polyester, while less hard or tough, has fantastic weatherability under ultraviolet light. Or, both! Epoxy polyester powder blends are the most popular on the market right now as they bring together the best qualities of both resins.

Matt vs. Gloss

Matt finish powders are between 20-30% gloss, semi-gloss is 60-65%, and gloss is 80-85%. The finish of the powder doesn’t necessarily affect the durability of the coat but it’s certainly important when considering aesthetics!

Textures and Properties

Powders come in a range of texture finishes such as: ripple/leatherette, textured (like fine sandpaper), and standard smooth. There are also those designed for specific uses like Hammerite powders (resist knocks and scratches), high temperature resistant, and anti-bacterial!

If you’d like you can even source powder pre-colour and have a clear or tinted layer instead of a solid colour.

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