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The Many Advantages of Powder Coating

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coated metal playground

Powder coating is explosively popular in the UK and not without good reason! This finishing process has many advantages over more traditional methods like wet or spray paint and is well suited to almost every industry, from automotive and petrochemical to homewares and manufacturing. Projects undertaken by us utilise GEMA powder coating in the UK for impeccable standards created by this state-of-the-art technology and British standards.


Our GEMA powder coating in the UK uses automated paintlines to cover objects in powder with any excess swept up and recycled for use on future projects making it less wasteful and more efficient than wet paint which is unusable after application. Additionally, the powder pigment contains no solvents and releases minimal VOCs into the atmosphere unlike spray paints which can contribute to emissions and be dangerous for people to inhale. Removing powder coating is more eco friendly too, as it can be sand blasted off rather than needing harsh chemicals to burn through the colour layer.

Thicker Layers

The application and curing process of our GEMA powder coating in the UK results in an overall thicker layer of product than with wet and spray applications, which results in a more robust covering that is less likely to chip or accumulate damage. This translates into a more robust product that can withstand more wear and tear without becoming inhibited or being unable to carry out its duty.


While wet paint and spray can take days to dry and require multiple coats just adding to the timeframe, powder coating is cured in a hot oven, drying the powder into a uniform layer in a matter of hours. Our GEMA powder coating in the UK can help products to reach the finish line in the fastest possible timeframe, making it the first choice for many manufacturers.

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