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The Importance of Powder Coating

Updated: May 2

powder coated staircases

Since we began powder coating over 30 years ago it has become an integral part of many businesses, and for good reason. Our powder coating services are time efficient – in comparison with wet paint methods – and, due to their particularly strong molecular bonds, provide an important layer of protection against the elements, as well as bumps and scratches. This ensures both the paint and product have a longer, more colourful life.


As mentioned, powder coating is extremely durable. Due to this is versatile and can be applied to products looking to withstand extreme weather conditions and is commonly utilised by the aviation / aerospace industry, agriculture industry, and more. This strength comes during the curing process, in which the substrate is melted, and the long chemical chains are formed creating a high cross-link density. This is why new and old clients routinely look to us for quality assured powder coating services in the UK.

Industries Covered

You can find a full list of the industries we routinely cover with our powder coating services here. For an idea we’ve included just a few below:

· Construction and Telecommunications

· Refrigeration

· Entertainment

· Medical

UK Powder Coating

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