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The Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the most advanced metal finishing processes on the market and is becoming explosively popular in the manufacturing market despite it being a relatively new technology, of which UK Powder Coating Services has one of the best paint lines available. This is because powder coating has many advantages over other finishing methods, such as:


Not only does the coating contain no solvents and release minimal VOCs into the air, the paint powder that does ‘miss’ the metal can be gathered and recycled for use on other items. On top of this, if you want to change the colour or re-finish your item, you can avoid aggressive solvents to remove the original layer and either sandblast or ‘burn’ the powder coating off.

Thicker Coatings

There are two methods of powder coating and both offer a thicker, coat-like finish without any sagging, running or dripping as you would find at that thickness with standard wet paints.

Horizontal or Vertical

Because of the positive charge added to the powder then being attracted to the grounded metal item, and the spray effect of the gun, we can hang items at any angle to achieve a full and even coat to your desired thickness without drips running down vertical sides.

Special effects

We can achieve special effects with ease by layering or blending powders to create gradients and patterns in just one sitting, with just one curing time.


While you might have to wait days, or even weeks if you’re applying multiple layers, for standard wet paints to dry – powder coating can be cured and ready to use in as little as an hour, dependent on the size of your item and the thickness of the coating.

Here at UK Powder Coating Services we offer a top of the line process. Contact us through our website or call us now on 01440 706218.

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