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Step by Step Powder Coating

Updated: May 24, 2023

We’ve developed a reputation for flawless powder coating and it’s down to our tried and tested process which you can read about here.

powder coated metal playground

Our powder coating plant in Suffolk has a reputation for achieving extremely high results and that is all down to our fine-tuned process. In just four steps, our team can create a perfect powder coated product that is pristine and ready for its next stage in the manufacturing journey.

Choosing The Powder

The powdered pigment that is applied to a product can come in 2 main types, a thermoset polymer powder or a thermoplastic. Which is needed is determined by the final use of the end product. Thermoplastic powder can be melted off in the future for products that may require refreshing or maintaining, whereas thermosets are more permanent and can withstand intense temperature and wear making them ideal for projects with lots of moving parts. Another key decision to make is of course the colour and our powder coating plant in Suffolk has a huge array!


The next stage of the powder coating process is using a bead or abrasive blasting to remove any rust scale or other imperfections. Then we apply a chemical solvent to remove any grease, oil or paint on the metal ensuring that it is free of both physical and surface imperfections allowing the powder to make direct contact with the metal, resulting in a better-quality result.


Next, we apply an electrostatically charged powder using our GEMA paintline, which ensures the powder sticks to the grounded metal object that is being coated. We carry this process out across all areas of the metal that require colouring, whether it’s a whole sheet or just a part pattern.


Finally, our team will cure the product in an oven for about 10-15 minutes at temperatures between 175 and 190 degrees. This forms the powder into one uniform layer that coats the entire item and forms a hard outer surface that is resistant to scratches, marks and chips.

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