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Seasoned Powder Coating Experts

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder for powder coating

The team at UK Powder Coating Services have years of expertise under their belts, specialising in delivering high quality and timely services to our clients from a plethora of major industries in the United Kingdom. For seasoned powder coating experts in Suffolk, go UK Powder Coating Services.

Utilising the Gema powder coating line, we have created a work environment which is incredibly time efficient, environmentally friendly (with thanks to powder recycling systems), and aimed at producing highly refined finishes. Regardless of what you need powder coating, from fridges to car parts, our team are on hand to ensure it all goes as smooth as possible.

Industries Covered

As touched on, we are the providers of powder coating services for a range of major UK industries including the aviation industry, domestic industry, refrigeration, chemical, and more. Powder coating has a number of particular benefits over traditional painting methods. These benefits include corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and scratch / bump resistance. This is down to how the powder bonds once cured. The molecular structure of the paint is incredibly strong and fantastically durable, making it useful for a number of specialist items.

Contact Us

To discuss your powder coating project with the experts in Suffolk, call us now on 01440 706218 or email us at

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