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Professional Powder Coating in Suffolk

The experienced team at our base in Haverhill, Suffolk, routinely offer professional powder coating services to a range of integral industries within the UK. From the agricultural to medical industry, we are familiar with the needs and requirements of your sector and can succinctly outline the unique benefits that powder coating offers when applied correctly.

The Process

The powder coating process involves everything from pre-application to curing. With our fully automated Gema powder coating line, we are able to ensure maximum coverage with minimal waste. The enclosed chamber ensures all unused powder can be recycled. We have worked within the powder coating industry since it was a manual craft, and we employ our intricate knowledge and experience to produce the best results for our clients

The Benefits

The benefits to powder coating involve increased strength and durability. The curing process creates a strong coating with a sturdy molecular chain causing powder coated products to become scratch-resistant and resilient against extreme weather conditions. This makes powder coating a perfect option for all industries, especially so for aerospace.

UK Powder Coating Services

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