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Priming Items for Powder Coated Perfection

The first step in the powder coating process is one that is vital in ensuring the item achieves a flawless and durable finish, and that is the phosphate wash. This is when the item that is going to be coated is subjected to an acid that ‘attacks’ it’s surface, clearing it of residue and priming the item for coating. It serves many purposes within the powder coating process and drastically improves overall quality.

Improved Adhesion

Once the item is treated, the end result leaves the surface with a rough texture. This texture makes the powder spraying process easier and makes the sticking more effective.

Improved Coating Base

Because of the improved adhesion, the metal part is more effectively protected and its life span and durability level are increased.

Improved Corrosion Resistance

The clean surface allows the item to be coated entirely with the powder, without any area going untouched. Because of this, air and moisture are effectively locked out, protecting the surface from corrosive damage.

Neutralise Surface PH

Before an item undergoes the intense wash, there is no knowing what particles and residue are on it. Leaving a metal surface untreated makes it susceptible to a host of faults that can affect the outcome of the coating.

Find out more about our powder coating service and the steps we take to provide clients with an outstanding final product by reading our blog, or by contacting us here.

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