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Powder Coating – The Green Choice

Updated: May 25, 2023

green powder coated items

Powder coating has been around for almost 60 years and in that time it has earned a reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable working practices in manufacturing. As powder coating specialists in the UK, our team have long been flying the flag for the green credentials of this process and recently invested in new paint line technology which made our process even greener than before.

No Waste

Our GEMA powder coating paint line technology is one of the most up to date pieces of machinery that brings with it the greenest credentials there is. After years of working to reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing industry, GEMA allows any waste powder that may have fallen off the products during the coating process to remain contained within the machine, allowing it to be collected and recycled for use on other projects. With virtually no powder wasted, this makes it more environmentally friendly than applying with a gun and superior to any method of painting.

No Chemical

As powder is applied to form a uniform layer of colour that is then cured in an oven to set, there is no need for harmful chemicals like there is in paint. Solvents and other strong-smelling chemicals are put into paint to help the liquid content evaporate, forcing the colour particles to stick to the surface of the product and dry as a result. The powder, however, sticks to the product ionically with the pre-treatment of the product making it negatively charged, while the powder coating applicator is positively charged, creating an attraction between the two.

Long Lasting

Powder coating a product ensures that the colour is hard-wearing and more resilient to sun damage, chips and marks than paint is. As the product is cured in an oven, the shell of powder becomes hard forging an armour on the product that will last far longer than a covering of paint. This means that the product will last longer too, meaning fewer replacement parts need to be manufactured, further adding to the sustainability of the process.

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