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Powder Coating Outdoor Furniture

Updated: May 25, 2023

powder coated staircases

Furniture in outdoor settings has a tendency to lose charm and elegance overtime, thanks to the weathering it undergoes and the contaminants it faces on a daily basis. The paint is often the first sign of deterioration, displaying dulling and chipping before totally eroding and exposing the metal underneath. This either means repainting every year which can be tiresome and expensive or letting the outdoor furniture look tired and unattractive. With powder coated items however, these concerns can be a thing of the past!

Dry Finish

As powder coating is a dry finish, unlike paint which is applied wet. The application of wet solutions means that when too much product is applied, dripping, sagging and uneven colour saturation can occur which can be difficult to amend and bring the overall aesthetic down. Dry powder on the other hand, simply falls off if there is an over application, meaning that a uniform coverage is always obtained. Likewise, as it is dry there is no risk of dripping or sagging and the product will always have a balanced finish.

Strength and Durability

Outdoor furniture has to deal with rain, wind, leaves, mud, snow ice and just about any damaging force you can think of. Paint doesn’t always hold up in these conditions and can start to fade and rust extremely quickly, particularly in damp environments. That’s because it sits on the surface of the metal, where as powder coating fuses to the metal using negatively charged ions, making it harder to damage and much more durable compared to paint.


Unlike traditional wet paint which requires several coatings and long drying times in between these, powder coating is applied dry, before being cured in an oven meaning the overall process takes much less time. This means projects will benefit from better quality coverage and faster turn around time, so they can get outdoor furniture into shops in a quick timeframe.

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