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Updated: May 24, 2023

powder coated metal aviation engine

Our powder coating team in Haverhill have been operating for over 30 years and in that time we’ve completed colouring jobs for a huge number of industries. No longer is this process reserved for heavy manufacturing companies and industrial operations, powder coating can be found throughout many workplaces and even in the home too!


Construction companies often come to use our powder coating in Haverhill, thanks to the durable and armour like layer that a powder coating can produce on metal. Helping to protect meal components from abrasion, heat, corrosion, liquid damage and UV rays it’s easy to see why construction companies make use of this manufacturing process. Not to mention, a whole spectrum of colours is available meaning it can easily elevate metal parts aesthetically and can be used to transform otherwise boring parts of buildings.

At Home

You may not even be aware of it, but there are numerous items around the home that make use of powder coating. The domestic appliance industry regularly uses this process thanks to the aesthetic appeal of adding colour to everyday items. The hard-durable layer that the coating forms can also increase the lifespan of products significantly and make them more resilient to abrasions and scratches which can look unsightly around the home.


Hospitals, pharmacies and medical institutions often make use of our powder coating in Haverhill, thanks to it’s resilience. Many pieces of medical equipment need to be sterilised regularly and powder coated items can withstand both the chemicals and heat used to do so. Furthermore, the smooth finish that this process provides means there are fewer fine lines, dimples and creases for dirt to gather in, making them much more hygienic.

For more information about powder coating in Haverhill, call our team on 01440 706218.

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