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Powder Coating in Four Steps

There are four essential steps to any powder coating service, which we’ve listed so you can understand the process your product undertakes.

1. Choosing a Powder Coat

There are two main types of powder that can be used to powder coat metal items: thermoset polymer powder and thermoplastic. Both the properties of these powders and the properties of the metal will help to determine what you should use. For example, thermoplastics can be melted off to be refreshed but are then less resistant to high temperatures whereas thermosets are more permanent but can withstand intense temperatures and wear.

2. Cleaning

Using a bead or abrasive blasting on hard metal will remove any rust scale or other imperfections but it’s important to use a chemical solvent to remove any grease, oil, or paint. The metal should be entirely free of imperfections to ensure the powder can make direct contact with the bare metal.

3. Application

It’s important to use an electrostatically charged compressed air sprayer or “gun” to charger the powder and ensure it sticks to the grounded metal object you’re coating. Ensure to apply an even layer across all side and surfaces you would like to be coated.

4. Curing

The temperatures required to cure most standard powder coats are around 175°c to 190°c in an oven for 10 to 15 minutes and then allowed to cool. For anyone who might be attempting to try powder coating small items for your small business or craft, ensure you never cook food in any oven you use to cure a powder coat, as the particles are toxic when heated and cannot be effectively removed from any oven once they’re inside.

For industrial powder coating contact UK Powder Coating Services whether you have a line of product or a one-off item. Our state-of-the-art automated paint line guarantees a flawless finish every time so contact us to find out more!

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