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Powder Coating for Domestic Items

Updated: May 25, 2023

powder coated staircases

Over the last year, powder-coated steel has become increasingly popular amongst contemporary designers and has overtaken more traditional materials such as painted plywood. Home furnishing manufacturers, in particular, have made use of the powder coating finish on items such as flowerpots, towel stands, table frames and even lampstands. Not only is the metallic look in fashion in interior design, but powder coated products are also far superior to painted ones, for many reasons.

Great Designs

When it comes to making a domestic item look the part, powder coating an item can instantly turn a dull and boring product, into something chicer and higher end. Elevating products in this way allows manufacturers to sell them at a higher price point and get a better return for their craft. Colour plays an enormous part in consumer appeal to an item, and with powder coating almost all colours are available and unique shades and tones can be created by blending powders, creating eye-catching designs.


Not only are powder coating colours stand out, but they are also highly robust when compared with traditional paints which are particularly important for domestic items. Everyday life sometimes results in chips and scratches on things like table and chair legs when they are painted, but powder-coated products are much more robust and less likely to suffer these marks. As the colour is applied using an electrostatic charge, it bonds to the surface of the metal and melts down into a hard layer on top of the material, making it hardwearing and giving products a better shelf life.

Fewer Imperfections

Applying powder coating to a product is a much more precise process than painting, which usually results in fewer imperfections. As the powder is sprayed directly onto the products before being cured in the oven, it eliminates the risk of dripping or coagulation that often comes with using wet paints. Instead, designers are left with a uniform and well-finished product so they can rest assured their product is the best that it can be.

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